The Expat Woman Club

The Expat Woman Club

The Expat Woman Club

A dynamic global community for women who are 21+ to collaborate, connect and inspire each other.

About Us

The Expat Woman Club

We are an international social and professional club and are open to anyone who identifies as a woman from across the globe.

 Here are just some of the benefits of becoming a member.

1. Meet and connect with like-minded women from across the globe.

2. Ask questions, get or give feedback and advice on personal and work challenges and projects.

3. Share experiences and expertise in a safe and empowering community.

4. Meet your weekly goals with support from other members.

5. Build your personal brand or promote your business.

6. Be featured in our Member Spotlight shared on our website, newsletter, and social media. 

7. Get free or discounted access to our workshops, events, webinars, and courses. 

8. Access hours of video footage and content focused on personal and professional development. 

9. Receive perks and freebies from The Expat Woman and our partners. 

10. Build relations and make long-lasting friends with an amazing group of women who have your back and cheer you along.

"I became a member of The Expat Woman Club because they share my core values of compassion and collaboration. I am dreaming of a more compassionate and peaceful world – and truly believe that this journey starts with empowering women all over the world. The Expat Woman Club is a safe and empowering community, that aims to connect, support and grow together – a glimpse on what might be possible for humanity." - Sonya Sigler, Leadership Coach and Author

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